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Use GroupWise for searching GWAVA Retain Archives



GWAVA has built a nice plugin for Outlook, which makes it possible to do searches and view emails from the Retain Archive in Outlook. But there is no such plugin for GroupWise. If we want to see our Archived mail in GroupWise we need to use Stubbing or the Retain Webplugin which sends us to the Retain Webpage.

Using stubbing is not recommended for multiple reasons. But since Retain v2.5 it is possible to search in Retain without leaving your GroupWise inbox!

You can just click the search button in GroupWise and use the link to the External Archive to search in Retain.


This is how it’s setup:

For GroupWise to search in your Retain Archive, you need to setup the stubbingserver. No stubbing is used to search for emails. So as long as Stubbing is turned off in your jobs no stubbing is used.

  1. Install the stubbing server by starting the file in the Retain installation package. When asked to install the Stubbing server, answer with “y”
  2. After installation configure the Stubbing server:

Go to the Retain webconsole: http://<retain-server>/RetainServer

Go to Configuration, Stubbing Server and click enable stubbing server. Fill out any other settings if needed and click save. Download the Bootstrap file and upload it to http://<retain-server>:48080/RetainStubServer

Your Stubbingserver is now setup

3. For GroupWise to be able to search in Retain you need to do the following:

Trusted App Settings

Go to the GroupWise Management Webpage (https://<ip-address>:9710) And go to GroupWise System settings.

GroupWise System Settings
GroupWise System Settings

Select trusted Applications, select Retain and click edit.

Select “Allow Access to Archive Server”

Retain Trusted App key
Retain Trusted App key

Putt the address or DNS name of the Stubbing Server and the port (48080) click ok.

System Preferences

You also need to make sure that Retain is set under the Archive Service settings as a Trusted Application:

Go to the GroupWise system settings, System Preferences and make sure Retain is selected under the Archive Service Settings.

System Preferences
System Preferences

For GroupWise 8 – 2012 follow the instructions in the Retain Admin guide under “Stubbing Server”

Now make sure none of your profiles have stubbing enabled, and your all done. Open GroupWise Search to search your Retain environment:

Make sure you select the external Archive when searching.

When you do a search you will see that the emails from Retain will show up with a little grey ball in front of them.

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