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Microsoft Teams updates in april

Microsoft just mentioned that some updates for Teams that have been anounced some time ago, will be added in the next couple of weeks! These updates are very important looking at the time we are in now.

Show video for all people in video meeting .

Teams will have added support to view up to 9 participants simultaneously when using your camera in meetings. They will also increase this limit even further in the future.


Load picture as background instead of blur background in Teams video chat

Next to blurring the background, Microsoft will also add a feature to use (at first) pre-selected images as a background in chats later on they will also add support for user-initiated custom backgrounds as well. This feature will roll out to the public ring this week!

Multi-window Chat

We have written about this before (see our Blog from Ignite 2019): instead of tabs, Teams will support multi-window chat by the end of the month. This means you will be able to open up a window for every chat you are in.

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