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Do you need to enter your mail-address every time you go to Sharepoint? Not anymore!


When ADFS is deployed and users are browsing to sharepoint online without configuring auto-acceleration users are required to provide their username before the can enter their Sharepoint environment.

This step can be skipped by configuring Sharepoint auto-acceleration to provide the user a fully single sign on experience.

The only requirement to enable auto-acceleration is that there should be a single Identity Provider/ AD FS endpoint.

Configure Sharepoint Online auto-acceleration using Set-SPOTenant

To enable Sharepoint auto-acceleration download the “Sharepoint Online Management Shell” and run it as an administrator.

Then connect to Sharepoint Online by using the following command:

Connect-SPOService -Url https:// -credential

In my case this would be:

Connect-SPOService -Url -credential

When connected provide the following command to enable auto-acceleration:

Set-SPOTenant –SignInAccelerationDomain “”

In my case this would be:

Set-SPOTenant –SignInAccelerationDomain “”

If you have configured your Identity Provider to support guest users, you can accelerate sites with external sharing enabled by running:

Set-SPO Tenant -EnableGuestSignInAcceleration $true

After configuring Sharepoint auto-acceleration users are no longer required to enter their login name, they just go straight into Sharepoint.

More information about set-SPOTenant can be found here

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