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How to run a query on a ZCM Sybase database

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Sometimes it is needed to get access / to run a query on the ZCM internal database. In this blog I will describe how to do that.

Because the password and username is not filled in at installation we first need to retrieve those from ZCM:

On the console do the following:

zman dgc

Fill out the ZCM username and password and after a few seconds you will see the username and password for the DB admin:

Database User Name  : zenadmin
Database Password   : Zw0#8f03ba5b2f205443db21312123

Start the SLES GUI with init 5 or startx and start dbisql:


Go to the database tab and search for your ZCM zone, and activate “Search network for database servers”

click ok and put your query in the query screen and press play:


More information can be found on:

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