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Synchronize Mail and Calendar-items of a GroupWise Resource to your mobile device.


Within GroupWise Mobility Service 2.x it is possible to synchronize GroupWise resources to your Mobile device. This makes it possible for users to sync a resource where they have proxy-access.

 How does it work?

Create a new or use an existing resource. Proxy to the (new) resource and give it a password via the settings in the GroupWise client. By proxying once to the resource, the contact folders will be created which makes sure the account can be synchronized correctly by the GMS server. Continue Reading

Use a wildcard certificate with GroupWise Mobility Service


The GroupWise Mobility Service works out of the box with a self-signed certificate, but this certificate is not always picked up that well by mobile devices. We installed a wildcard godaddy certificate, read here how I did it.
Continue Reading

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