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Synchronize Mail and Calendar-items of a GroupWise Resource to your mobile device.


Within GroupWise Mobility Service 2.x it is possible to synchronize GroupWise resources to your Mobile device. This makes it possible for users to sync a resource where they have proxy-access.

 How does it work?

Create a new or use an existing resource. Proxy to the (new) resource and give it a password via the settings in the GroupWise client. By proxying once to the resource, the contact folders will be created which makes sure the account can be synchronized correctly by the GMS server.

 When you have done all that you can add the resource to the GroupWise Mobility Service (GMS). You can do this by adding a new user, but instead of LDAP you select GroupWise when you search and add a user.

 Synchronize GroupWise Resource

You can also search by LDAP, but this will only work when the resources are also in LDAP. With GroupWise 2012 and below this will be the case. With GroupWise 2014 and up, only search by GroupWise works.

 When you have added the resource to GMS you will see that it has the same square icon as a resource in GroupWise.

Synchronize GroupWise Resource

 Now open your mobile device settings and add a new (Exchange) account to your device. From now on you will be able to check the mail of the resource on your mobile.

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